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Special Issues

(forthcoming) A Great Depression, Again? (edited by Jonathan Kirshner, Jan Kregel and Roberto Marchionatti);

(forthcoming) Aspects of the History of Welfare Economics (edited by Tamotsu Nishizawa, Marco Dardi and Katia Caldari);

2012/2, Siena workshop "Alternative Approaches to the Building of Economic Dynamics in the Years of High Theory" (edited by Massimo Di Matteo and Franco Donzelli);

2010/2, Complexity and the Organization of Economic Life (edited by David A. Lane and Pietro Terna)

2009/2, The Political Economy of Saint-Simonism (edited by Abdallah Zouache);

2008/1-2, Economic Policy during the Planning Era in Italy. Theories, History, and Documents (edited by Riccardo Faucci);

2007/1, New Perspectives on the Schumpeter Frontier (edited by Christian Seidl);

2001/3, Della Moneta by Ferdinando Galiani: A Quarter Millennium Assessment (edited by Riccardo Faucci and Nicola Giocoli);